Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Summer is a lovely time to practice yoga on the grass in the open air. Our bodies are also much more flexible in the heat but be warned it is possible to over stretch. 

Enjoy your body and hanging out with yourself on your yoga mat at this time of the year. On hot days practice yoga slowly with lots of soothing deep forward bends, Yin and restorative yoga sessions are the perfect antidote to hot muggy days as many of you who come to my restorative yoga gently classes will already know. 

Tonight we spent some time with  legs up the wall (viparita karani,) and supported shoulderstand (salamba sarvangasana) both cooling inversions especially at the end of the day - instantly reviving and refreshing!

I do love summer - it  takes me back to last winter in Goa where this photograph was taken on my first yoga holiday there in February. Can't wait for the next trip currently being planned  late January 2011


In summer a lighter diet feels better, and it's the perfect time for cool fresh locally produced food. Our own abundance of British fruits and vegetables are all good choices. Living in London I am very lucky to have an allotment so we're a little over run at this time of the year with salads, courgettes, green beans, soft fruits and tomatoes. As I write this post I am rather glad to hear the sound of a summer downpour as the watering duties have been pretty full on this year!

Food with cool properties can clear heat, reduce toxins, and generate body fluids. Cooling foods tend to be green and some of the coolest are lettuce, cucumbers and watercress. Fish and seafood are also cooling and are particularly good on the barbecue (most meats are warming), while spicy foods, alcohol, or caffeine that all heat the system so should be reduced. Instead drink lots of clean, pure water or add lemon and cucumber and chill in the fridge. Steer away from dairy, heavy, greasy and fried foods.

Tonight we have liberated the monster courgettes and plum tomatoes grown on our Fulham plot from the fridge and made a garlic and herb infused pasta sauce served with penne and wild rocket and cucumber salad. There's something very hunter gatherer about cooking up your own produce that somehow flies in the face of our urban existence here in West London.